Deontological Code

This Deontological Code was created and approved in August 2007 by A.D.P.P.P.
(On this date it is the 1st and only Private Detective Code of Ethics, existing in Portugal)

  1. This Deontological Code is aimed at maintaining among the members of this Professional Association a good performance, in which concerns their activities, establishing the general behavioral and functioning rules to which all members must be submitted.
  2. Besides the duties established in this Code, Private Detectives are also obliged to abide by all regulations connected to the profession, no matter if they belong to the general Law or are specific of A.D.P.P.P..
  3. While exercising its profession the Private Detective must display independency, which is shown by not allowing himself to be under any pressure from whomever, being this the best guaranty that Client’s interests will be protected with all impartiality and objectivity.
  4. Private Detectives are subjected to professional secrecy and have the right and the duty to keep in secret all facts and events which occur while performing their professional activity.
  5. Client’s interests must be fulfilled with celerity and with the commitment to searching for the truth, informing only about the facts whose origin he knows and never omitting essential information needed for the case’s resolution.
  6. A Private Detective is free to accept or refuse services offered by a Client, but in case of refusal, shall explain the motives of such decision.
  7. When a Private Detective in charge of a certain case, gets to face the practice of any wrong doing, he has got the obligation of informing the Police.
  8. Should a Private Detective be asked by the competent authorities information he possesses about a crime, must promptly provided it.
  9. Should a Private Detective experiment difficulty in maintaining professional secrecy, he must let it be known by A.D.P.P.P..
  10. Private Detectives must refrain from any illegal practice.
  11. All services to be performed by Detectives must be described on an agreement in which both parties involved are identified, respective addresses, description of said services, costs involved and payment conditions. The Client will retain the original.
  12. The Detective will issue a receipt for all amounts received.
  13. The relationship between Private Detective and Client must be one of reciprocal trust, in which he will always perform with the maximum honesty, sincerity and morality.
  14. By the time the Detective finishes an investigation, he must deliver a detailed report to the Client.
  15. Private Detectives will be obliged to:
    1. Follow Professional Association’s statutes, the Deontological Code, Laws in force, general or particular regulations, and agreements or decisions adopted by associative competent organs.
    2. To denounce to the Professional Association all actions taken by individuals who pose as Private Detectives.
    3. Members will consider, respect and be loyal to Governmental Departments and its legal representatives.
  16. The Private Detective will refrain from illegally intervening in acts or behaviors practiced by the party which he investigates, in order to prevent the occurrence of situations which, otherwise, would not take place.
  17. Any publicity carried out by Private Detectives must have an informative character rather than a persuasive one. Must not display comparisons with other professionals, detectives or not, must always show his membership number and shall not refer to advantages, cost wise, of the services he renders.

Associação de Detectives Privados Profissionais de Portugal