The Association of Portugal’s Private Professional Detectives (A.D.P.P.P.), has been founded on August 10, 2007 and its legal announcement in the Official Bulletin is dated September 18.

The Association main goals are the following: to bring together qualified professionals, representing them in a dignified manner, requesting from Government Officials the necessary support that this honorable profession deserves.

Another objective is to let Society at large, as well as public and private entities to know the activities performed by Private Detectives, showing simultaneously the advantages this profession will offer to everyone concerned, when dealing with true Private Detectives.

It also intends to promote the highest patterns and practices related to this profession, instill among its members a spirit of cooperation and to establish in them and all those linked to the Private Investigation, as well as Police Authorities, other Public or Private Institutions and all Citizens, reciprocal trust and cooperation.

Last but not least, the Association will support and represent its members within national, international or EU organizations which may be linked to the activity of Private Detective; it will embrace training courses and interchange with international colleagues.

Private Investigation is of the utmost need for all entrepreneurial or social structures.

The Association of Portugal’s Private Professional Detectives, has a public petition for the regulation of the activity of Private Detective in Portugal.

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Associação de Detectives Privados Profissionais de Portugal