The FAQs (Frequently asked questions) documents are organized as a question and answer, intended to inform about some issues related to key areas of action of this Association.

First of all you should be aware, where you got this contact, very careful with ads on free sites, some classified newspapers and other Internet sites.

There are more and more ads appearing on these sites, offering detective services, ads that are posted by people who have no private detective training, are not trained or are not accredited to practice.

They are people who just wait for an opportunity to outwit the most unsuspecting. Some of them promise to solve all the problems quickly and at low cost, but once they receive some money to start the service, they stop answering the cell phone and after a few days they announce again with a different number. Others are fooling customers until they get some more money and nothing at all. These individuals want to always receive cash or through coupons, sent to sections, usually do not accept payment by check or bank transfer, or if they do, these accounts are in the name of another person.

They do not make the respective service agreement or invoice the amounts charged. They do not have an office open to the public, nor on business cards (when they have them) do they mention an address. There are some who even have an address mentioned, but in this same place there is nothing that has to do with them.

They usually meet those who look for them, in cafes or on the garden bench. They invent stories to not identify themselves and usually tell episodes of “investigations carried out” by them, be careful because in the next chapter you may be the character.

There are also some who show customers, metal badges affixed to a wallet, which they bought on the Internet for half a dozen euros, namely on Brazilian sites and not only, deserving no credibility. Some of them offer services of detective, bodyguard, escort, instructor, sale of automobiles, rental of real estate, etc … (this all always with the same mobile phone number).

If you contact any of these individuals, do not give them any service, much less make some payment.

They are just sellers of illusions.

Always inform A.D.P.P.P. in any case of which it is aware. Always be very careful!

In case of doubt about the veracity of any advertisement or person presenting as a private detective, immediately contact this association, in order to clarify.

Always demand the identification of this person, and never give him any service without having in his power the service contract, and make no payment without his receipt.

By hiring a private detective, always demand identification of the same.

Never pay any amount, without having made a contract to provide the service requested and that will be passed without a receipt.
Look out for advertisements in newspapers and the Internet, many of these ads are placed by individuals who pose as private detectives, who after receiving some money, end up doing absolutely nothing, and who had a problem to solve, stayed with a more.

If in doubt contact A.D.P.P.P.

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